AMS Group China, Engineering, Prototyping, Moulds Assembly

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A AMS Group is one of the really couple of profitable European owned suppliers in China who is generating revolutionary items & devices. In this open discussion both the Hardware Tech startup and AMS conclude irrespective of whether a mutually successfull cooperation is probable and how this can be taken to the subsequent level. Worldwide distribution, straight from AMS’ China plant, can be coordinated by AMS and will be executed by specialized partners. In AMS Solution Assembly Foshan Co ltd, merchandise are not only assembled, but also tested extensively and packed.

AMS does not only act as a contract manufacturer for global industrial leaders as ABB, Bravilor, MaxiCosi, Dorel & Pipelife, but for positive also likes to get challenged and involved in ambitious hardware tech startups. AMS can therefore be referred to as a ‘true accelerator’ for hardware tech startups who want to organise their ventures professionally in respect to improvement towards series production upscaling.

Because AMS is operating for and with so lots of hardware tech startups, AMS is also offering those hardware tech get started up enterpreneurs a excellent platform to exchange experiences, insights and discussion board to see how they can complement or enforce every single other people propositions. AMS will take care for protoypes, moulds, element procurement and final assembly.

AMS is likely to coordinate the method from development towards series production. By clicking the blue buttons you can discover extra on how AMS operates, for whom AMS operates and how AMS thinks. Launched in February 2015, Baggallini saw a return on investment of more than 5x with their Amazon Advertising Solutions advertising plan. Throughout these phases manufacturability, expense pricing and timing are constantly monitored by AMS.

AMS evaluates & assesses, collectively with the Hardware Tech startup, no matter whether the business case, product proposition and technologies claim are interesting and promising. Sawyer Products gained 16,000 detail page views from its Amazon ad campaign, moving its MINI Water Filter from #53 to #16 in our Sports & Outdoors greatest-sellers list and triggering the company’s best sales month ever. Engineering & development in Amsterdam & Barcelona, and upscaling in Southern China.

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